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Today I’m sitting at a table at The Pod Enterprise Centre in the afternoon sun, watching the local pedestrians and traffic go by. It’s a fabulous way to help me think!

Sue DixonI’m back at work after a lengthy absence of nine months (no, not for that! I’m way past the baby stage)! My name is Sue Dixon and I’m one of the directors of Bubble Enterprises and I’m really glad to say my new base is at The Pod here in Moss Side. Continue reading

Elevator Pitch

Death to the Elevator Pitch! | How to Network like a Boss

I host some very popular networking events in locations across the North West of England and I am regularly asked why I refuse to make space for businesses to have a “one minute elevator pitch” at these events.

The “elevator pitch” is like a face to face advert, polished and honed, it is a vestige of the smooth interruption marketing you find on TV. Continue reading